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Reflecting on Generation Debt

So talking about the book Generation Debt before going to bed is a really

It all began with a friend melting down over coffee, this morning. Handing in her PhD dissertation became an act of sorrow, as she does not know how to pay her rent come December!

This is so wrong!

  • Handing in your dissertation should equal:
  • bottles of bubbly
  • party
  • congratulations
  • – Not existential fear!


The last thing she should have done was watching a TV report on how selfish women in academia are, waiting until their 40ies before having family and children. An accusation clearly coming from the feeble mind of an outsider that plunges stressed out female PhD students, whose biological clock has been crying blue murder for years, into a full on depression!

Living on a full time scholarship that barely meets half of the poverty line, hardly caters for bringing children into the world. Not to speak about finding a partner first. The male sex is not too keen on being outdone by their partners.

The quest for someone with whom coming home is not just the continuation of elbowing and ‘my horse is bigger than your horse’ conversations equals finding the Holy Grail.

Non-existent job chances – thanks to all the irresponsible money monkeys – may they eat from the tin bowl!!! – are only the beginning of our worries.

Hubby, a full-fletched American, tends to go on how it’s all the fault of the baby boomers and seeing his parents spending $$.$$$ a year on cruises while he is paying off his student loans for the next 25 years I am inclined to agree with him. I think Germany is not as bad. I have a contract with my mom who paid off my loan so the interest would not screw me.

On closer consideration I have to agree with hubby’s view of the selfish, spoiled and inconsiderate baby boomers. A colleague (age 61) told me that her birth year means she has had the best life chances, experiences and retirement options [keeping in mind a chronic underpayment into retirement fonds]. While there is no financial need for her to work, she clings onto her job, which would pay for two junior professionals – who (vastly over-qualified) in their turn survive with temping agencies and sales assistant jobs. They are not able to start a family while the biological clock slowly expires. She had it all, been there, done it and would fall or rather sink onto a very soft pillow.

Daring to write something like this will see me accused of ageism. Yet, I will ask:Who constructed the concept of ageism?The answer would be: the baby boomers – case rested.

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Nathalie Sheridan

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