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Implementing Contradictory Supervisor Comments

Does the following sound somewhat familiar to you?

Supervisor one: This paragraph does not fit in here, why is it there?

Supervisor two: Like paragraph.

In a couple of discussions with fellow sufferers one point kept emerging. At the end we have to make the decision. It is our work. We have to defend decisions during the viva. As long as we have realistic and good reasons for doing what we are doing, and considered all constructive criticism, it is our work and we have to find our professional voices. Be confident in what we are doing.

So now we only need to learn how balance overconfident attitudes with gut-crushing ‘I am a worm’ ones, and nothing can go awry. I am sure there is literature out about finding and developing the confidence in your professionalism. I have a couple of postgraduate companions, scratching on the surface of the topic. If you have any recommendations – bring ’em on!

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Nathalie Sheridan

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