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The darned Methodology

I figured it out – I found an approach I could have possibly used* – but didn’t – and wrote a paragraph about it. I hope that is sufficient after all I only need to prove that I know I could have used other approaches for my research – not?

*I actually did not just find this approach, I actually had planned using it about 2 years ago, but had forgotten about it until a conversation I had yesterday, after reconsideration I now found a way to implement it as the ominous ‘could have but didn’t’ approach, required in the Methodology chapter. This is what I was referring to in my last post – it was simply too obvious to pop into my mind … ***sigh … and leads to the question: Why are the most simple chapters the most difficult ones to write?

So now I will begin with formatting the document and proof references etc, while waiting for the last feedback from my supervisors. AWESOME … hm maybe some more polishing on the Methodology chapter???

This leads to today’s question: When do you say: ‘it is enough! I am done!’? – I mean technically you are never done and could always improve upon your dissertation. So how do you decide: That’s it!?

  1. Is it when you are so fed up that you do not want to touch your dissertation anymore?
  2. Is it when your supervisors say you are done?
  3. Is it when you run out of money and have no other chance but to hand in, never mind the status of your dissertation?

At the moment I am drifting towards 3 – buying food is a bit of a hassle this month, so probably 3 at the moment.

Or is it 4. you know, you simply know you are done and ready. As a friend once said a researcher is always emerging, how then can you ever reach the status of: This is it!?

Ok I stop rambling now and as always your experiences and opinions are welcome … and one day it will be possible to link the interesting Facebook conversations from these posts into the actual blog … hint, hint, nudge, nudge

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Nathalie Sheridan

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