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Hopping on the last leg

Tomorrow is the first day of the month by which I want to finish my dissertation.

My plan now is I am going to finish all the formatting and checking references etc until 28th of February and then I give myself about a week to get it printed and bound. Depending on prices I might have to send the pdf to an online company and wait till they send it back. So a week should be enough buffer for this.

But boy does it feel like an ocean of time ahead of me, there are so many things still to do. A sentence here and paragraph there I still want to insert to make the picture round. Checking every single reference and hope that I can convince EndNote to take up the formatting, else I have to type 30 pages of references via hand YEAH! Office for Mac has a lot of glitches that means it will not take up any of the formatting I give to pictures, never mind section breaks etc, once I reopen the document they are all screwed up again, I have to figure out how to split page numbering etc …

Proofreading is something I dumped on a friend of mine – at least the Literature Review, if she still talks to me after this I might entice her to read other chapters too.

But now I am off, helping another friend prepare for her viva, and then off to work and then then when I come back this evening … I will probably drop into my bed, or be too nervous to sleep and tackle some of the formatting.

Urrrrghhhhh insanity slowly takes over time for another PhDzilla story … hmmmmm

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Nathalie Sheridan

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