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Of Black Holes and Post-Writing Sorrows

Technically it is not yet post-writing. My thesis is in the trusted hands of a proof reader, while I am stuck in limbo – and boy that is hard. For the last 4 days I had no writing to do, no jobs to go to and only one measly hour of volunteering to account for. Talking about falling into a black hole after working 24/7 for pretty much 4 years in a row.

To be proactive and fight the red numbers in the bank I send out one job application – mind you ONE was all that was out there for me to apply for! I should add I am not talking about my money scraping research here, teaching there jobs. I have an application out for a job nae position that sounds (if the job description actually reflects the job) as if it was made for me.

The problem is that the advertisement was only out for about 10 days or so, this usually means it is a quota advertisement, published only to obey weird EU regulations. After all the stress and work I am pretty much at the end of my ability to cope with false hopes yet again. So I am stuck in limbo not knowing if I should put a lot of positive hopeful energy into wanting this job just to be smashed like a snail by a bicycle in the park again. Or shall I just write it off already not even giving hope a chance? I don’t get this EU regulation anyhow all it does is give people false hopes instead of a realistic picture of the job market!

I set myself an ultimatum if this one does not work out, I will seriously begin planning to move back home or across the ocean or The Borders. Not that I want to, but I cannot cope anymore with the “unfortunately the caliber of candidates was so high…’ nonsense.

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Nathalie Sheridan

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