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I found a new toy

Ok, this is my very first experience and I spend about 5 minutes throwing this together—I simply HAD to try it out. The good news is: you can try out a mini movie for free—the animation is almost straight forward. As you will see I have to experiment with the timing a bit more. In the trial I could not adjust the timing, once it was published, and the preview only offered a still frame, so that was a bit tricky. Instead of using the somewhat mechanical voices the programme offers you can also record your own. I tried out English Male 2 and he has major issues pronouncing YouTube ;P

If you want to find out more Youtube offers now three different animation programmes, the trials are free and you have to decide afterwards if you find it worthwhile paying for the services. It is definitely fun to have a go.

PS: Don’t know why the video insists on being bigger than the post … any suggestions how to amend this are welcome. Never had this problem before …

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Nathalie Sheridan

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