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You pick the omens you need

The topic Job Search seriously has reached epidemic dimensions. Normally I manage to withdraw from the negative discourse and overall picture of gloom and doom—admittedly intermittent with spouts of despair and ‘I am a worm days’— , yet somehow this mechanism does not work anymore.

Ignoring the: ‘The sky is falling down! The sky is falling down!’ future of generation debt—and I am not meaning literally falling down for the ones of you who prepare for the 21st of May with survival kits and King James Bibles—becomes more and more difficult. I have to make a conscious choice every day not to crumble to remain positive and keep on trying.

Simply ‘uping’ my game, putting in more applications for jobs that are even less relevant to my qualifications is probably not going to do much. So yesterday I briefly went to my bank because I wanted to know how this whole credit rating thingy here in the UK works, when on entering the building I saw a brochure ‘we help you start your own company’. I picked this brochure up and went to my meeting, when talking to the adviser I asked about the business banking and he said that setting up the account would be very easy and it comes with a team of consultants that support you and also is for free for 18 months and so on. While I was mulling things over in my head starting my company began to feel right—so I decided to pick my omen.

Still a part-time job would be a blessing …

***This post’s title refers to “I shall wear Midnight” from Terry Pratchett and is hereby also a reading tip 😀

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Nathalie Sheridan

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