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After being told that names of authors have to tumble from my lips during the mock-viva, I have tried to overcome the insufficiency of my scatterbrained short-term memory with memory helps. Lucky me some of the authors hold names that are stories in themselves, such as Hammersley and Lofland.

I did not know how to pronounce Hammersley so my mind made the name into Hammer-Slay—et voilà you get a really mean bean viking ancestor …

… who obtained an illustrate name as fearsome warrior.

Because he did not fight with a dagger or sword nor did he have a battle axe BUT he used a WARHAMMER!

Oops sorry

and because I already established the viking ancestor as a mean bean fighting machine his warrior name became hammer-slay. The name of course changed throughout the centuries into a civilized Hammersley. Sounds very logical doesn’t it?

Well there is another name I will now remember: Lofland, which of course is not a name but a charming country. This country used to be called Loafer’s Land but because people are lazy, names change, and spelling changes the land is now called Lofland. In this country I imagine all is fluffy and comfy and nice, people are wearing loafers all the time and sometimes they even wear pom-poms on top of the loafers.

In this country the best thing however is the main mode of transport. Loafer-Landers are using big comfy grandad chairs to travel around. They have build-in iPod stations and coffee-cup holders, the bottom of the chairs contain a drawer full of books and chocolate. These travel chairs are also incredibly fast and come with a rain protection roof should it be necessary.

See I have at least two names down now [hopefully without offending anyone] therefore I stop procrastinating and try out my arguments—13 days to go …

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Nathalie Sheridan

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  1. I still can’t stop laughing 😀 I like this “method” – I can see Hegel as a male transvestite, whom everyone would address “Hey, gal”.


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