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Playing Ostrich Successfully

Here is to a variation of procrastination and avoidance behaviour that adds to my previous posts about PhDzilla’s adventure with procrastination and the point I made that procrastination is not always a bad thing.

The countdown to my viva has left me with less than a week to pass. So what does the write-up student in peril do? Spend two days in a project-management seminar. This is what I call ‘hard-core-putting-my-head-in-the-sand’ at least in terms of Viva preparations.

In real life, however, this could be understood as forward thinking, getting ready to take on the world after the viva—you know the estimation for job hunting is pretty dire.

After careful consideration I arrived at the following conclusion: It is more likely to get eaten by homicidal swimming killer-sheep in Loch Lomond while dancing Rumba with one of the Inchconnachan Island Wallabees in a floating ball whistling La Paloma than getting a job in academia at the moment.

Keeping my mind off the exam-angst with other activities should therefore not count as procrastination but as risk mitigation (I am learning the lingo already!). I am not sure how to calculate the derivation if the end of the curve are homicidal killer sheep but any step towards keeping the wolf from the door is surely a step in the right direction*.

*I know what you are thinking it is just too obvious—I should probably invite the wolf to help me fight against the homicidal killer sheep after all they are not canicidal or should that be lupicidal because canines could also be dogs?

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Nathalie Sheridan

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