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Not at All Costs—Job Seeking Adventures

While I am revising my dissertation and look for a ‘real’ job I am trying really hard to have some money coming in—and you HAVE to hear my latest adventure! I didn’t even know such companies still exist!

Imagine a company about 1,5 hours commuting time from Glasgow offers £52.5 per day for a technical translator, besides the fact that a technical translator makes at least £20/hr they wonder why no one wants the job.

  1. Simple maths: take at least £20 off that salary for commuting (if you take public transport you have to add another 30min commuting time—at least from where we live)
  • take another £10 off for National Insurance + tax
  • so you are left with 32.5 £/day for a day you are away from home for at least 10 hours

2. Working Hours: The company insists on a 9-5 day no flexible time not even for commuting, which  would cut about an hour off the overall 3 hours commuting time

  • Why? It is a translation job! I can do this at home, in a coffee shop, in the library
  • Why having to sit in an office?

When I talked to the agency employee and told her that I can work from home, because I have an office at home (only going out to the company once a week or every fortnight to touch base) she reacted as if she never came across a concept like this!

We have all these possibilities with internet, phone, video-conferencing when you want to be cheap you need to be flexible—why insist on commuting and 9-5 for a simple translation job? I so do not get it!

Why insist on 9-5? The only reason I can think off is that the company also looks for a German speaking customer service officer who is on the phone in office hours but despite a good amount of German speakers living in Glasgow I don’t think anyone would face that commute for so little outcome!

Why not setting up a business line at the employee’s home that is not difficult and this way they can keep the low pay because working from home definitely beats commuting. When I told this to the agency employee she stared at me as if I came from Mars.

Seriously, I need to earn money but not at all costs. Think about it! If I would go cleaning here in Glasgow I would get more than as a translator in that company AND would not have to commute. Any cleaning company out there who needs someone with a lot of elbow grease, who is a whiz with the duster? Write me a comment!

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Nathalie Sheridan

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