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Chasing the Dough

and no it is not pizza dough …

Chasing the Dough

I finished again—another postgrad degree

And also again: without out money poor me

Fed up with red numbers I do not like—No!

I decided to run off—chasing the dough

Over the hills and far far away

Chasing the dough down a steep brae

But the dough won’t stay!

What shall I say?

What shall I say?

I decided I listen and try soft skills out

And learned about putting my foot in my mouth

Chasing the dough is a marathon run

Chasing the dough though can be a lot of fun

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Nathalie Sheridan

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  1. Know then that written in letters of fire I see the words GREAT MARIONETTE THEATER… When did the show start? .. It is starting now. .. And how much does one pay to get in? .. Four pennies. ..Pinocchio who was wild with curiosity to know what was going on inside lost all his pride and said to the boy shamelessly .. Will you give me four pennies until tomorrow? .. Id give them to you gladly answered the other poking fun at him but just now I cant give them to you. .. For the price of four pennies Ill sell you my coat. .. If it rains what shall I do with a coat of flowered paper?


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