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Are Scots too cynical to riot?

Coming back from the hazy lazy summer days on the farm we landed in a country in chaos. Worried phone calls from family members, asking if we have riots in Glasgow, we answered with: ‘No, don’t worry.’ Our families’ worries seemed logical. On observing the BBC News riot-spread-map the disturbances spread like a flue virus from South to North. However, there seems no crossing the Scottish border.

I have two theories on this:

1. Scots are too cynical to riot


Do you need more proof?


2. The Weather

We had torrential downpour over the last week, our minds were on things such as:

12:45 Mary

I cannot decide which pair of wellies to wear going to campus! What’ you think left or right one?

13:00 John

Wellies? Am not bothered with wellies, I am taking my kayak down the road!

13:05 Paul

John do you need a lift. Leave your kayak in the garage and hop on my raft!

13:15 Jane

Guys I just started my own business in water-transports and build an ark. Give you 50% discount on the fare.



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Nathalie Sheridan

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