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Can you believe it?

Today I am publicly day-dreaming.

I just saw that the Highland Council is looking for someone to run the Strathpeffer Upper Pump Room. Not only does this Tender description sound like a Terry Pratchett book title but it so hits my weak spot! A small, forgotten yet valuable local museum that is in dire need for a business plan, sustainable strategy and some LTC. Only, I think it can not be successful to be run from far away. One has to emerge into the community and live and breathe the air. Well, we cannot leave the central belt but I can tell you: by the pricking of my thumbs something special this way comes.

A former Victorian Spa in a wonderful setting. What more could you wish for? I have so many ideas just imagining what would be possible up there.

Just look at the area and all the other buildings and museums that are close by … pretty. If you are interested check out the Public Contracts Scotland Website.

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Nathalie Sheridan

2 replies

  1. Hi N,
    Somehow landed on your Blog re The Pump Room and am delighted to tell you we are now in there. Early days, but have lots of ideas we are developing step by step along with plenty of TLC. Would love to hear what your daydreams were? If you’re in the area do come and see us.


    1. Hi Mo & Shirl,
      apologies for the late reply, I am a bit behind with my blogging lately.
      Delighted to hear the place found someone 🙂
      Wish you very good luck with it and will definitely drop a note when we are up in the area!
      Happy to share my daydreaming I have a background in culture education and have worked extensively in museums so if you want a sounding board for ideas get in touch via direct message on Twitter (link in about).
      Have a nice evening,


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