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Herman my pet cake

You may remember me chasing the dough a while ago. (If not click on the picture) Now the dough is chasing me—literally.

Imagine what happened, my ‘ex-supervisor’* presented me with Herman! For all my non-German readers Herman is also known as German friendship cake. Although my mum would refute the fact that people who present you with Herman are friends. When I called her very excitedly—the typical: guess what happened today! call—she said: ‘Oh no! Not Herman!!!’ Although, I think she used more exclamation marks.

Herman is a sourdough starter for cake. Yes! Herman is ALIVE! And since we are not permitted to have pets in our flat (don’t ask!) we decided to adopt Herman as our pet cake! Now look how happy he is, to have found a home!

In the following weeks I will report on Herman’s growth and adventures. The first days are rather boring though. His new home is going to be a big kitchen bowl and for the first three days he does not need food, so I only play with him (stir well).

I am wondering if he could walk by himself and go for an outing with me?

*How do you call your supervisor after you finished your PhD? ‘Ex-Supervisor’ sounds like a bad breakup! What about: MEC FoKas?**

**My Esteemed Colleague formerly known as Supervisor***

***Hey if Prince can do it …

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Nathalie Sheridan

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