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Herman moves house

uhm bowl … I meant bowl!

So yesterday was feeding time, Herman is quite a messy eater. 1 cup of sugar, flour and milk and he starts to go a bit over the top.

You know similar to giving your 2 year old nephew too much sweets …

Well, at least I understood what: ‘You need a REALLY big bowl’ means! Before Herman decided to escape his new home, I devised the rehousing strategy ‘BABA’ (short for: big-ass bowl accommodation). Well, there is no public strategy without an appropriate abbreviation. Okay before I punish you with more alliterations. Herman out.

Keep an eye open next feeding time is in 4 days, should I not report on this, Herman has taken over the house and is well and good on his way to world dominance.

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Nathalie Sheridan

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