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Link List for Postgraduate Students

Now that I have fully recovered from the PhD process I thought I share some of the blogs, twitter accounts, websites and other sources that helped me survive with you.

Sources about passing a Viva and the PhD Process Is a great source of stories and experiences from Viva survivors. This page was set up by Salma Patel who could not find sufficient sources about this crucial topic.

The thesis whisperer is a fantastic website. I see it as a life belt for the PhD process. Featuring short articles about anything that could be of concern: relationships with supervisors, writing tips and time management to name only a few.

Interesting also is Pravin’s page about how PhD students choose their topics.

Online Help

This is a video about how to write a methodology chapter. Clarifying some of the more muddled areas.

A good source about how to approach writing a thesis is the following video:

Online Tools

Research Tools

A fantastic programme to help you keep track of ideas, sources, websites is Evernote.

Do you use Endnote? You might want to try out Mendeley a referencing cum social media programme that helps you to keep track of publications and reading lists and permits you to connect directly with the authors.

Teaching Tools

If you need to share content try out edutecher again it is free and easy to use.

Skype meanwhile offers a Skype in the Classroom service.

The following lists are all about networking

Twitter accounts or Hashtags that may interest you


Social Networks for academics and postgrads

The Impact of Social Sciences Blog

Vitae for anything Postgrad related

The New and Emerging Researchers’ Network of the Scottish Educational Research Association

To get in touch with other professionals and for career development try out the professional networks of the Guardian. You can also follow those on twitter.

And now the MOST IMPORTANT links: Procrastination Help!

If you miss having to go to lectures or you want to relax with something entirely different from your PhD topic iTunes U has a great range of free lectures you can download as audio or video files.

The one closest to my heart, where—when you share it on Facebook with your postgraduate peers—a mutual sigh of ‘yup that’s how it is’ moves through the virtual ranks of readers, is PhD Comics.

And if you really need a pick me up and do not want to go towards self-pity (which admittedly happens quite often reading PhD comics) join the NERDFIGHTERS on Youtube. You can subscribe to their channel so you won’t miss out on anything.

You may be wondering why I put the following source under procrastination. Well, if you need a really good rant there is always some development or other in the Higher Education Sector worth a proper spout. Time Higher Education In any case you will find interesting articles and great book suggestions.

So I hope you found something useful in this post and as usual if you have something to share post a comment or send me an email and I insert it into the post or link the post with you.

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