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Look! I have a cat obsession

Exploring a social media cat obsession

The Evil Secret Dog Police has kidnapped my blog post about my cat obsession! But I will show you! I write it all again with even more cats in it! Ha!

What is it about cats?

I have realized that in the last two weeks I have posted a lot of cat pictures on my Facebook wall. Strangely enough, no one has defriended me thus, nae they even reposted the pictures! So I thought I am going to find out what it is about cat pictures that we do not get tired of them.

Of course my first course of action was to Google. The only answer I got from Google was Yahoo! Answers where Eamon o regan wrote that cat’s control the average mindless internet victims. Oh no! Did this mean I lost my mind? Was that the answer for my obsession?

I could not accept such an answer, so Google Scholar was next. Well, you never know, don’t you? I came to the conclusion that no it is not me, it is the academics that lost their minds! With scholarly articles such as Do dogs resemble their owners? or All cats have Asperger syndrome I think I prove my point. However, my question was not yet answered. What is it about cats that intrigues us?

I got the answer: cats are jerks!

Duck Duck Go was a much more successful source for this question. Right away I stumbled upon a PBS article (Have I ever told you that I love PBS documentaries? Yes, yes back to cats…) Why we love dogs and cats. And then I found it. I found the answer (on Mashable where else):

“Most of us who have dealt with cats know that cats are jerks, and while outright abuse is never popular, I think a lot of people just like to see cats get their comeuppance,” says Brad O’Farrell, writer for the Daily Squee, and creator of the Play Him Off, Keyboard Cat video.

I only put in the puppies to confuse you—still talking about cats

That’s it, the answer is: we love cats because we hate cats. This makes perfect sense, particularly within the frame of an obsession. So there was only one thing left to do! The most crucial part of any obsession: bother everyone in the sphere of my reach with it!

Muhahahahaha (alright this is only an approximate transcription of my evil laughter. I don’t go ‘muhahahahaha’ I have an awesome and really scary cackle [A cackle is crucial when harbouring an obsession.] So use your imagination!) Muhahahaha catzzzzz, meow! Muhahahahaha

So here we go cats, cats and more cats

Share the love, share the kitty!

Buzz Feed’s Awesome Article about Awkward Cat Sleeping Positions. Is now Followed by (OF COURSE!) Lolcats.

But it gets worse! Much, much worse! Oh yes—Kittlers!

There is indeed more!

But this is not enough! No there are innumerate Youtube videos, too!

And then there are cat artists

Such as the lovely Gemma Correll

Check out her website.

And then there is Simon and his cat!

So now I showed it to the secret dog police! Post is back up and running and it’s all about CATS! The puppies are just a masquerade!

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Nathalie Sheridan

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