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After watching online snippets of an American TV show called Bridezillas, I discovered an endangered species at university. And as explorers do I named the species according to something it looks alike: PhDzilla. This specimen is inadvertently endangered because it exhibits a variety of self-destructive modus operandi. An overtly consume of coffee and sugar is just one of them—the most obvious perhaps. Subsequent to this discovery I published a paper as warning example for everyone who works in academia. Please do pay attention to the warning signs described below, this will safe your limb and your life.

A Guide to Avoid.
by P. Zilla, University of Monstrous Meaning

There is one behaviour pattern that is infallible in the classification of PhDzillas: the inability to deal with drifting. The best time of the year to observe this inability is during the academic summer break. Thus, plan your main fieldwork for the…

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Nathalie Sheridan

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