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Digital Cultures and E-learning #edcmooc

Digital Cultures and E-learning #edcmooc

I always wanted to focus a bit more on e-learning strategies and how to incorporate these in the best possible way. Now I signed up for this online course Digital Cultures and E-learning. So far I am just very very confused.



Why are they using all available platforms? I have to piece discussions together from Facebook, google+, twitter, wiki, coursera, youtube and various other blogs. Frankly at the moment I am suffering from information overload. I have yet to find a course handbook to understand where this is all going and what the actual concepts are that we are supposed to learn? Yes utopia versus dystopia—I get this one. I see how it relates to digital cultures or maybe rather cultures of digital society?

So I still don’t know where to put the hook in. Are we discussing culture from a Bourdieuian point of view, critical social theory, feminism? Where are we? I feel the course is floating about hitting the students with an absolute information overload without a scaffold, an anchor, a rope or whatever guidance metaphor you would prefer.

In week three I am also not quite clear if we are ever going to relate the digital culture to actual e-learning. I am missing what I tell my students on an almost daily basis: the ‘so what’?

What does it mean for my teaching? How can I apply anything discussed in a real life setting? I guess contextualization would be the word. Even if spell checker does not know it.

The rambling so far proves I have no clue what is actually going on. I will engage more with the suggested texts and make up my own mind but this I could have done without engaging in an online course. Maybe if I just decide for one of the 9 tabs I have open and engage in communication there, I will be able to make more sense. Maybe I am spending too much time trying to understand the pedagogy instead of the content?

Almost 4 weeks to go. Maybe at the end I will sing from a different hymn sheet. I will keep you posted.


*considering various definitions of culture describe it as a way of life, form of being etc

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Nathalie Sheridan

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  1. Oh dear, hopefully it will all become a bit clearer very soon! Or perhaps not; do you think it could be one of these newfangled course names that sound all innovative and cutting-edge and make the university look super good but in truth no one knows what it’s all about yet?


  2. Well, it is hard to say.
    The feeling I am getting so far is that content for a whole semester is squeezed into 6 weeks and instead of developing a proper strategy they just jumped into everything available like a ball pit and thus created a very disjoined feeling. For the ADD way of life there are way too many “oh look a kitty” moments ;P
    I believe the course would make sense within a taught setting. Maybe I am missing the instructions because they drown in the onslaught of possibilities.


  3. I’ve found I have drifted to my favorite platforms, Twitter and Google+ and a dabble in coursera if it grabs me… be interested to hear how you are feeling now about it all.


    1. Strangely enough yesterday evening, I decided I will give it another go and exactly this happened. I use my favourite platform: Facebook and Coursera while just monitoring twitter etc
      I just felt coming in two weeks late and trying to catch up with everything that was posted on all platforms was impossible but I thought this is what I should do to understand the course and admittedly as a curious learner I want to know it all! So rethinking the remit and scope of a MOOC was in order.
      Sorry I am rambling—bottom line: I am finding my footing and am sad that it came so late in the course.


  4. Better late than never! I am guessing most of us have migrated to our favourite platforms – glad you are feeling more comfortable – I found it was internet overload otherwise! All the best finishing off!


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