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Trying out @stripgenerator

I had to share this. So my colleague found this gadget. And since we are currently preparing starter packs for new students I just had to experiment.

Know thy audience by aighear

This strip aims on students’ tendency to overuse the thesaurus and clutter their writing with terminology instead of writing critically. Setting the students in an informal setting aims on over-emphasising the cluttered language.

Fallacy: Non sequitur by aighear

This strip, and the following two, are supposed to visualize faulty or illogical reasoning in writing. Here I reached the boundaries of the strip and need to explore if there is a possibility to create own figures and upload them. Today was my first try of this website.

Fallacy of Equivocation by aighear

and the last

Modal Fallacy by aighear

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Nathalie Sheridan

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