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Like many of my co-phd-candidates I have undergone some fairly rigorous turns in direction, diverting me away from my original context (cultural education and school education) into teaching in higher education about higher education. One of the biggest shifts was away from actual research. In my current role, it is not seen favorably to even use the term research, everything is now scholarship. I think I am still having a bit of a culture shock from that. I am at the core of my being a researcher. I love to take a stick and poke into dark corners asking questions. Being a researcher is like being a child growing up in the country-side. There are so many stones to lift and turn around, so much exploring of what lies—or lives—underneath.

Writing about teaching—for publication?

I love teaching, too. Because no session is the same, and particularly in teaching colleagues, you are constantly challenged, forced back to the drawing board, and engaged in deeply insightful discussions. The problem with not doing research is finding a writing voice. While it is fairly easy for me to tap ahead and post in this blog about all the things happening in the classroom. None of this—in my opinion—would ever make a publication. I tried, about two years ago, to write an article for a practitioner journal, and it was a bungled mess of gibberish. I just could not find my voice. If I want to share and reflect about my scholarship in learning and teaching (at least the way I think I am supposed to) I rather do so in this blog. Here no one tells me how many words I may or may not spend, some journals even tell you the number of headlines they want! What the h…ickory smoked roast?

Besides, here (on my blog) I don’t feel like a fraud!

You do not expect me to pretend to write scientifically while I have no research to write about.

So as you know sometimes to solve a problem the parameters need to be redefined:

I have decided to try and write a sort of literature review, a more theoretical paper and see if this provides me with voice.

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