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Post 10 of 30

Yes, I am still doing the 30 posts in 30 days, but—not during the weekend. Ha! This is my professional(ish) blog so I am taking weekends off. After all there was a living wall to be planted, and a garden-hut to be painted, and the foundation for a deck to be leveled.

Academic New Year’s Resolutions

Anyhow, so we are entering the time of the year, where most of our work-focus leads us away from our students and towards, scholarship, planning teaching—in our case a ton of it, considering we have completely revamped a four year PT degree (yes, every single course)—research, projects that need to be completed, data to be analyzed, exams and assignments to be marked, dissertations to be read, publications to be written, and the ‘new years resolutions for academics’ will be planned.

At every end of the spring semester, the common academic makes a list, mind-map or other suitable plan of all the things they want to do over the summer. This is like new years resolution, and come September the most often uttered sentences are:

  • I don’t know where the summer has gone
  • I had planned so much
  • As usual I didn’t get all the things done I wanted to

Project Management

Now I am not going to use Gantt charts (you may have read me ranting about the damn things at several occasions) but after a conversation with The Boss, who suggested to redirect my itchy feet (you know mid-life crisis-ish, being in the same place for the longest I have ever been, getting the long-boat ready to cross the ocean etc) into considering approaching the various aspects of my role as independent projects. So basically project-manage my day to day work.

You sometimes just need a change of perspective or adjustment of operating parameters to make something work.

Thoughts on Working from Home

So today was working from home day, because I need my peace and quiet to do proper work. I have colleagues who when working from home are not as effective as working from the office. To be honest this is something I cannot understand at all. Today I made more progress than most of last week combined.

I mapped out all the things that have to be done over the next five months, and none of these can become ‘I meant to dos’. So I have begun to map out the different ‘projects’ that need to happen over the summer. Oh and then there are still holidays and big birthdays, too.

But the aim is not to have anything become one of these failed academic new year’s resolutions, come September.






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