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What is Happiness Anyway?

Day 12 of 30

About Authenticity as Duty of Care and Happiness

When the sun shines in Glasgow, you have to leave your office and go for walking meetings or lunchtime-walks. Last week we had a mixture of both, catching up with a colleague we hadn’t seen in ages. For some reason the conversation meandered towards ideas of happiness. The colleague’s contention was that due to social media, streaming shows, etc we have unrealistic expectations of what we need and who we ought to be to be happy. If I recall right there actually have been studies about this. Now this made me think.

Two things.

1: Do we have an obligation to our accumulated collective mental health to be more authentic on social media? Has authenticity become part of our duty of care to one another? Anyway, what happened to duty of care? How much are we beholden to one another? How much ignorance is acceptable? How much caring is too much?

2: What is happiness anyway? What do you think? What is happiness to you? Is it one thing? Is it THE happiness? Is it snapshots of junctions in time? Is it a state of enlightenment?

Happiness for me today


Today happiness was coming home, being hugged, bringing special food from the deli, watching the garden bloom.

Today happiness was being in flow with my colleague, sharing my brain-child, and then developing from there an entirely new paradigm.

Today happiness was passing it on to someone who really needed a piece of it.

Today happiness was meeting a friend for lunch.

Today happiness was banter with our colleague at reception.

Today happiness was being able to have a chat behind a closed door.

Today happiness was bouts of sunshine.

Today happiness was watching the birds in our garden.

Today happiness was getting the seal of approval from dad (German engineer) on our deck-construction.

Today happiness was morning coffee in bed.

Today happiness was a colleague roasting my office-mate and me in a spot-on hilarious impression.

Today happiness was neon pink socks laid out for boot-camp tomorrow morning.

Today happiness was the little orange tree opening its flowers.

Today happiness was a breakfast meeting with fruit-scone, cream, and a lovely colleague.

Today happiness was a chat with a mom and dad and a two year old who like me that age ate a piece of butter pure without anything else.

Today happiness was flowers in a vase.

Today happiness was singing loud in my car.

Today happiness was a fat bumblebee.

I tried to just list a couple of things and then could not stop writing. Now I feel very grateful.


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Nathalie Sheridan

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