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KPI: Pink Fluffy Unicorn

So tired I cannot even manage to edit the posts that are already in draft state. Come to think of it a writing challenge during a time when after a full day of work another 4-5 hours are spend with physical labour in the garden, plus every single weekend 10-12 hours, might not have been the best idea … oh and don’t forget boot-camp. Anyhow, almost half-way through now. The reflections are short and snappy.

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In my previous role the projects I undertook were as much centered around student well-being as much as they were around their academic development. Such as developing two different approaches to support under-performing and at risk students and in collaboration with colleagues we created a safe space for failure.

There are always two tiers to my projects:

1: What colleagues tease about as pink-fluffy unicorness
2: Strategic directive and an eye on KPIs

Safe space for failure

And no these are not mutually exclusive. When developing a programme that improves retention and progression of under-performing students. The approach was to create a safe space for failure. Working with students to develop their self-efficacy and learn reflective practice to take more ownership of their learning process.

That this was highly successful and had an impact on retention and progression was part of the story of the project and the institutional aim. However, the personal aim, the part that fits my value driven work ethic was to support students in their personal development and growth.

So pink fluffy unicorns can still meet KPIs … they just do it holistically.

Healing a system

Anyhow this whole contemplation, and a couple of other projects with more institution-wide impact I have been and still are working on made me wonder if it is possible to heal a system—an institution. If so how would one go about it?

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