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Routines Paradox

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An ADHD paradox

When thinking about context switching—and today was a Tigger day of bouncing between projects, teaching planning, admin, organising a symposium, meetings, and catching up with marking—routines emerged again as a topic. Or rather as a non-existent entity that I ought to start getting a hang of.

I still cannot establish routines. Like the ‘write first thing in the morning for half an hour’ thing. Every single evening I think, I ought to do this tomorrow. Every single morning there is something else popping up—an urgent good cause from a student, a colleague popping into the office, having forgotten to buy food or having forgotten the food at home and not had breakfast (which by far is the most common distractor with about 3 out of 5 days). I haven’t had a single working from home day this week which makes matters worse.

How do people do this? Make food. Buy food and not forget to bring it along. Remember to moisturize? How does this work? I prepared all the stuff for my yoghurts, and even had mango slices … there are frozen berries and I leave the house without food. Back to sticky notes on the front door…

The thing is routines would help with ADHD effects but because of The Brain they are near to impossible to establish. Hence the paradox.

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Nathalie Sheridan

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