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German Proverbs 5: The Weekend Version

About Regrets

Disclaimer: You might not want to read this at work


Hätte der Hund nicht geschissen, hätt er den Hasen gefangen.


If the dog would not have pooped he would have caught the rabbit.


This always came up in situations of ‘would have beens’ and ‘could have beens’. Had I not done x then y would not have happened. Tough. It happened. Get over it. You can’t change it anyway. I always—particularly as a kid—thought this was a funny saying. The dog has no choice but letting the rabbit go. We have no choice but letting past decisions go. Some of them were stupid, some of them were mistakes and occasionally we will have known that they were mistakes but made them anyway—let that rabbit go. It’s on the other end of the field by now anyway there is no point in fretting.

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Nathalie Sheridan

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