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Nathalie Sheridan

Active Learning and Christmas Festivities

Originally posted on #LTHEchat:
Active Learning and Disruptive Pedagogies In this #LTHEChat, we would like to explore the disruptive potential of active learning.   It is probably easier to define what active learning is not, than what it is. While a concise definition for active learning remains elusive, during our Active Learning course, we have bought into Kovbasyuk and Blessinger’s (2013) ‘vision…

Meaningful time and Ethnography

This week I was teaching a couple of research workshops, one about undertaking ethnographic research. This is the acompanying blog post, focussing on one of the key themes and points for debate in ethnography: time–time spend conducting fieldwork. #ethnography #SoTL
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What is active learning?

To start you off on this path for reflection: this is how learning sometimes feels to me and often in exactly the moment the tracks disappear there is breakthrough. More to follow this is just to get back into writing. The little film is the introduction to a session for […]

German Proverbs 5: The Weekend Version

About Regrets Disclaimer: You might not want to read this at work Proverb Hätte der Hund nicht geschissen, hätt er den Hasen gefangen. Translation If the dog would not have pooped he would have caught the rabbit. Meaning This always came up in situations of ‘would have beens’ and ‘could […]

German proverbs 4: Resilience

Proverb Da musst du durch als Lurch wenn du Frosch werden willst. Translation You have to stick it out as amphibian if you want to become a frog. You have to stick it out as tadpole if you want to become a frog. Meaning Situations that are uncomfortable but necessary: […]