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What is active learning?

To start you off on this path for reflection: this is how learning sometimes feels to me and often in exactly the moment the tracks disappear there is breakthrough. More to follow this is just to get back into writing. The little film is the introduction to a session for […]

Thinking Thoughts

When you stuff your brain glutinously with ideas and paradoxes that push you into cognitive dissonance trying to come up with a story and there is no anti-acid—or granny’s really expensive gentian-schnapps—that can help the brain to break the thought-food down as it does with overeating during the holidays, then […]

If it doesn’t work…

Day 19 of 30 If it doesn’t work pull the plug I vaguely based this ‘writing for 30 days and see what happens’ on articles like this one by Glen Allsopp. However, it doesn’t work. Maybe it works for keeping the notes to yourself until they are ready to be […]

Lunchtime Walks

Post 13 of 30 We (office roomie and I) have been pretty good at taking our lunch-breaks (most days, most weeks) and going for lunchtime walks. It’s been really good. Sometimes these walks turned into walking meetings, planning work, activities, research. Sometimes they were about everything and nothing, and looking […]

Context Switching

Post 11 of 30 An issue of context switching These last couple of weeks, a term made the rounds in our department which I had never heard before and which finally gave me a picture to an issue I had for a while. There seems to be some struggle with […]