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Threw you a curve-ball

Yes, I am still doing the 30 posts in 30 days, but—not during the weekend. Ha! This is my professional(ish) blog so I am taking weekends off. After all there was a living wall to be planted, and a garden-hut to be painted, and the foundation for a deck to be leveled.

Finding your voice

The problem with not doing research is finding a writing voice. While it is fairly easy for me to tap ahead and post in this blog about all the things happening in the classroom. None of this—in my opinion—would ever make a publication. I tried, about two years ago, to write an article for a practitioner journal, and it was a bungled mess of gibberish. I just could not find my voice. Besides, here (on my blog) I don’t feel like a fraud!

The Vortex of Writing

Warning this is kind of sort of a rant. So I have about 7 different posts drafted all more or less ready to go but more than half of them are fairly negative. I am not sure if this is a side effect of writing every day? Has anyone else made this experience?

30 posts in 30 days

Trying out a writing challenge. 30 posts in 30 days: The next 30 days will not mark a full calendar month or some other sort of temporal meaningfulness. The only reason I use today, is that I have despite all the good advice not yet managed to create this every day routine. Which is just generally difficult for me–heck I am glad if I remember to moisturize! So beginning today gives me four days (including the weekend) where there are no excuses for not writing. It’s basically a little bit of a head-start.

#DigiWriMo Day 23: Transmedia StoryTelling

So this week is Transmedia Storytelling week I haven’t come up with an actual story. My story for now is about the act of writing—or is it more appropriate to say creating?—a transmedia story. The story about telling, showing, creating, painting, writing, drawing, thinking, or developing [insert more verbs here] a […]