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Fortune Cookie Reflections

Reflective Writing The students in Health and Life Sciences have to learn reflective writing; contemplating their placement experiences. One of the biggest problems most students have is linking their experience to theory and research. That problem places writing sometimes into the category: deliberations in a teenage-diary. The students are not […]

Connecting the Dots—Friday Thoughts

Connecting the Dots: Culture of Vulnerability, Possibility Thinking & Resilience I am currently working on a couple of projects and research ideas. Some of the conceptual considerations came (more or less) together this morning. Mind you this post is the mind-mapping, ‘pre-storming the library’ draft. The First Dot A Culture […]

Learning Space—An Alpine Marmot

Learning Spaces When you undertake a biggish research project, such as a PhD, there will be topics that are like Alpine Marmots. You technically know they are there. You know they can at random pop-up, unexpectedly, surprisingly, and twitch their little noses right in your face. However, these Alpine Marmot […]

The Philosopher and I

Why working with a philosopher is equally challenging and rewarding. On closer reflection about the Philosopher and I, and some bumps in our collaborative efforts, I have realised that I need to give semantics an increased significance. Working with the Philosopher my more or less careless ‘you know what I […]