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New Ventures

So next week I am going to start a full time academic position, to begin with for a year. Therefore, my blog is changing focus leaving the craziness of PhD research and its aftermath to embrace the madness of merging into a real life job. Meanwhile I am liaising between the German Charity, the Outdoor […]

Castle Toward or Does Scotland need yet another luxury hotel?

In July a group of students from Germany spend an amazing weekend at Castle Toward.  Everyone involved: the children, teachers and the NGO representative with whom my company organized the first of many pupil exchanges all caught the Castle Toward bug. The NGO, which is working with 800 disadvantaged pupils in Munich, wants to establish […]

PhD Presentation Resources

Previous Resource Post Link List for Postgraduate Students University Library Resources The Postgraduate’s Companion The Routledge doctoral student’s companion : getting to grips with research in education and the social sciences The unwritten rules of PhD research  How to get a PhD : a handbook for students and their supervisors Successful research careers Writing Links […]