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KPI: Pink Fluffy Unicorn

So tired I cannot even manage to edit the posts that are already in draft state. Come to think of it a writing challenge during a time when after a full day of work another 4-5 hours are spend with physical labour in the garden, plus every single weekend 10-12 […]

Lunchtime Walks

Post 13 of 30 We (office roomie and I) have been pretty good at taking our lunch-breaks (most days, most weeks) and going for lunchtime walks. It’s been really good. Sometimes these walks turned into walking meetings, planning work, activities, research. Sometimes they were about everything and nothing, and looking […]

Context Switching

Post 11 of 30 An issue of context switching These last couple of weeks, a term made the rounds in our department which I had never heard before and which finally gave me a picture to an issue I had for a while. There seems to be some struggle with […]

Herding Cats

Have you ever heard the expression ‘managing academics is like trying to herd cats’? Now every time I hear this I nod knowingly and laugh. Now actually why is this? I mean it’s not as if I ever spoke to a professional cat herder. Have you?

Threw you a curve-ball

Yes, I am still doing the 30 posts in 30 days, but—not during the weekend. Ha! This is my professional(ish) blog so I am taking weekends off. After all there was a living wall to be planted, and a garden-hut to be painted, and the foundation for a deck to be leveled.