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HEA & Professional Values

I mentioned several times that I am undertaking this additional qualification, part of the qualification is to engage with professional values that are part of the Professional Standards Framework (Higher Education Academy). These values are notoriously difficult, and my ‘homework’ lacks the integration of the practical dimension for those. However, I thought in the interest […]

Fortune Cookie Reflections

Reflective Writing The students in Health and Life Sciences have to learn reflective writing; contemplating their placement experiences. One of the biggest problems most students have is linking their experience to theory and research. That problem places writing sometimes into the category: deliberations in a teenage-diary. The students are not happy with their writing, and […]

The impossibility of simple: Teaching and the Notion of Kata

Teaching and the Notion of Kata I wanted to write a brief post about my contemplations of teaching and the notion of kata. So there are my first random ramblings on the subject: Matsunobu’s (2011) chapter on Creativity of Formulaic Learning in which he explains the creativity integral to kata, where self-development happens through imitating […]

Radiography, Gallery of Modern Art & International Students

The Issue I wanted my students, to take ownership of ‘how’ they use English in their presentations, instead of just focussing on bringing content across any-which-way. As master students the class are all professionals, used to present and speak in front of peers. However, translating this confidence into a different language is challenging—I am speaking […]

Connecting the Dots—Friday Thoughts

Connecting the Dots: Culture of Vulnerability, Possibility Thinking & Resilience I am currently working on a couple of projects and research ideas. Some of the conceptual considerations came (more or less) together this morning. Mind you this post is the mind-mapping, ‘pre-storming the library’ draft. The First Dot A Culture of Vulnerability The current edition […]