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Auf Deutsch Teil der Erkenntnis die mich letzte Woche befiel war, dass Deutsch für akademisches Schreiben die wesentlich zufriedenstellendere Sprache für mich ist. (Auch wenn Google mir gerade sagt, dass ‘zufriedenstellendere’ ganz bestimmt nicht richtig geschrieben ist, und mir Zweifel ob der nicht mehr ganz so neuen Rechtschreibung kommen.) Aber nun […]

#DigiWritMo Day 27 MindMap Skeleton

iMindMap Reflecting back over the last couple of weeks these were the first associations that came to my mind when thinking about transmedia story-telling. I want to keep building it. Does anyone know a way to collaborate on a mindmap? I tried so many mindmapping programmes, but that’s years ago […]

#DigiWriMo Day 23: Transmedia StoryTelling

So this week is Transmedia Storytelling week I haven’t come up with an actual story. My story for now is about the act of writing—or is it more appropriate to say creating?—a transmedia story. The story about telling, showing, creating, painting, writing, drawing, thinking, or developing [insert more verbs here] a […]

#DigiWriMo Days 12-15

A long weekend in Munich I left a stormy Scotland to spend a long weekend in Munich with family, spreading digital literacies. The following two picture collages where made by my 2 year old niece. She learned really quickly to move objects and make them bigger or smaller:   We […]

#DigiWriMo Day 10

And I am back on WordPress. For today’s visual text I played with Bazaart  (iPad app) recommended by Wendy Taleo, in the G+ group of #digiwrimo So not only did I create virtual scrap book poems but I also made meta-poems using some of my analogue material translating it into […]