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Prevent students from developing bad habits.

Reflections on participating in our annual Learning & Teaching Showcase (you will find the poster on page two). Prevent students from developing bad habits. That is pretty much the aim of my 1st year academic development module. For my poster I used the cliché of ‘long thin induction’. Clichés have the advantage that at least everyone […]

Exam Buffet for Exam Diet

Exam Preparation and Coping with Stress Living a bilingual life gives me the very annoying super-power to see beyond words, for instance: exam diet. Oxford English Dictionary explains that ‘diet’ describes activities ‘in which a person or group habitually engages’.* However, my superpower enables me to completely ignore the contextualised meaning and jump straight to […]

Proxies & ‘as if’ to establish ‘real-life context’

An aspect from my undergraduate studies meandered into my awareness recently: the idea that educational institutions (are supposed to) provide a safe space for learners to try out for ‘real life’ situations. An idea I try to convey particularly to marginalised learners who carry complex packages of anxiety and stress. I also realised that I […]