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Look! I have a cat obsession

Exploring a social media cat obsession The Evil Secret Dog Police has kidnapped my blog post about my cat obsession! But I will show you! I write it all again […]

Herman my pet cake

You may remember me chasing the dough a while ago. (If not click on the picture) Now the dough is chasing me—literally. Imagine what happened, my ‘ex-supervisor’* presented me with […]
Herman my pet cake

Can you believe it?

Today I am publicly day-dreaming. I just saw that the Highland Council is looking for someone to run the Strathpeffer Upper Pump Room. Not only does this Tender description sound […]

Made a new Learning Video

A non-too-serious introduction to writing academic papers. Learn the sandwich technique and Jimmy strategy. Apologize for the language issues had some problems with the whole formatting thingy. Have fun 😀