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#DigiWriMo Day 03

On Routines Today’s writing exercise is looking into routines. There is all this advice out there on how routines help with productivity, and creativity, and the general development of expertise. Now my approach to routine looks something like: So part of my reason for participating in #DigiWriMo is that the […]

#DigiWriMo Day Two

Visual Text Today I am trying visual text … because that’s an easy medium for me … a medium I engage with daily. The description of each photo is under Info. The photos are almost all work related. Making me think about the environment within which we act on a daily […]

My #altCV for #DiGiWriMo

First writing exercise for this month is my alternative CV … hm … So I think this should be something that’s like me? Food First? Rhyming–more or less–is part, too  “Despite Autumn” (13/09/2015) … and writing of course English is like make-up I wrote this for a MOOC I participated […]

ECEL 2015 Presentation

Prezi 75.000 Views and Counting Abstract Teaching research methods, and encountering that students across different institutions, disciplines and levels of study had the same issues with the topic, led to the creation of a YouTube video on ‘Writing a Methodology Chapter’. The video subsequently has more than 85,000 views (to […]