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Plagiarism, Referencing and Pop Quiz Traps

Teaching plagiarism and referencing can be boring not only for the students but also for the lecturer. However, my colleagues had a brilliant idea! Last year they created a clicker session; alternating information about plagiarism and referencing with quiz questions the students could answer via a voting system. It works really well, particularly when being […]

Paraphrasing versus Summarizing

  Making students truly understand the difference between summarizing (as establishing the essence, the key messages of a text) and paraphrasing (as rewording someones ideas, or arguments into ones own words), is rather difficult. So I needed some help, and recruited YouTube. Before I delved into explaining differences between summarizing and paraphrasing, I made them […]

My ‘Brain Pickings’ Favourite @brainpicker

I follow a myriad of pages and groups online perpetually looking for ideas, incentives, challenges and anything and everything that could inform my work. One of my favourites is: The ten rules for teachers and students easily translate into the context of higher education. The picture below is from the latest blog-post. I believe […]

Initial Reflections: Creative & Academic Writing

Initial Reflections … on using creative writing to prepare honours students for their project. Today I used the creative writing exercise from my previous post with a group of 4th year students in preparation for their honour’s year project and dissertation. The exercise induced much stronger cognitive dissonance (I just leave it at that for […]