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Supporting International PGT Students through Informal Learning Spaces

My talk about supporting international PGT students through Informal learning spaces won the price for best presentation at the 8th Learning and Teaching Conference at the University of Glasgow. Prezi Slides with all the Links for the Presentation Abstract Presenter:         Nathalie Sheridan, Student Learning Service Literature (Briggs et al, 2012) suggests […]

Playdough is not just for kindergarten!

On Friday I had the first group of master engineering students for a morning session on writing their dissertation reports. Now, I am new to this college and the students so I needed a way to understand, how far the students were with their projects and how thought-out the process. Further, […]

The accidental Guerrilla researcher …

Rambling insights from trying to write up my research project—stumbling into Guerrilla research The accidental Guerrilla research project—I think We were tasked to conduct an action research project, exploring the impact or effect or benefits or outputs a new teaching strategy or method has on our students. This was the […]

On Writing Paragraphs

In my other work-place we work closely with a Writing Fellow: The lovely Katie Grant. Who generously agreed to have a meeting, so I could understand her role and have a chat about writing. This post briefly reflects on her tips for paragraph-writing, and I have her permission to share […]

HEA & Professional Values

I mentioned several times that I am undertaking this additional qualification, part of the qualification is to engage with professional values that are part of the Professional Standards Framework (Higher Education Academy). These values are notoriously difficult, and my ‘homework’ lacks the integration of the practical dimension for those. However, […]